David Levesque

For Senate District 13

Running to Represent Lincoln County and the towns of Windsor and Washington in the Maine Senate

About David

David grew up in Hancock County.  First living in Brooksville and then in Ellsworth.  He graduated from Ellsworth High School then attended the University of Maine at Farmington.  After working as a mutual fund accountant and in restaurant management, he earned an MBA from the University of Southern Maine while working in banking.  He then attended the University of Maine School of Law and earned his law degree.

David has lived in and practiced law out of the district for over twenty-two years.  He lives in Newcastle and practices law out of his office in Damariscotta.  His wife, Susan, is a Math and robotics teacher at Lincoln Academy.  They have three sons:  Luke, age 26, who graduated from the University of Southern Maine; Austin, Age 17, a senior at Lincoln Academy, and Joseph, age 14, a freshman at Lincoln Academy. David devotes much of his time to his community and the legal profession as a way to give back to the community to which he and his family feel so connected.

Aside from practicing law, David worked doing many different types of jobs.  As a child, he delivered newspapers, raked blueberries, worked in a blueberry processing factory. He worked as a breakfast cook, a dishwasher, a painter, a laborer for asphalt sealant contractor, a mutual fund accountant, a restaurant manager, a LL Bean call center representative, a graduate assistant, and a bank teller. Working in these different fields and having grown up in a family engaged in commercial fishing, David enjoys finding connections with everyone he meets. 

On the Issues

 Superior public education:
As a first-generation student, David experienced firsthand both the hardships of paying for and the stress of attending post-secondary education programs experienced by lower- and middle-class students. Yet, through that experience, he knows the valve of a strong public education system that is accessible to all.  A superior public education system ensures that everyone has access to education from early childhood through post-secondary education at an affordable community college or university, as well as trade schools and certification programs.  To help provide this to Mainers, David would propose State programs such as expanded tax credits for students and families paying for school and have our state move towards a system where early childhood and post-secondary education be it universities, community colleges, or trade schools are funded much in the same way that elementary, middle and high school programs are today.

Universal affordable high-speed internet to every home: As Chair of Newcastle’s Broadband Committee and as a member of Newcastle’s Select Board, David has worked tirelessly to bring high speed internet connection to every home in Newcastle.  He believes that access to the internet is no longer a luxury; it is a necessity.  David will support programs that will bring affordable and future-proof high-speed internet to every home in Maine.

Affordable and accessible healthcare: 
David believes all Mainers have a right to quality affordable healthcare.  He would pursue a comprehensive review of healthcare delivery and costs in Maine. He would promote incentives for efficiencies and positive medical outcomes.  The cost of insurance and healthcare has a dramatic effect on Maine’s economy.  Maine cannot wait for a national solution.  David believes that Maine has to find a healthcare solution that works for Mainers.

Stop overdose deaths: David believes that the state must address the devastating toll of addiction and substance abuse on our communities.  The ever-increasing number of overdose deaths should not go unnoticed and should not be tolerated.  David favors legislation that favors treatment rather than criminalization; that puts substance abuse courts and recovery homes in every county; that expands good Samaritan laws; that provide a safe mechanism for addicts to test their drugs so they know what they are taking; and that provides funds to study why so many Mainers start taking using dangerous substances and determine ways to address root causes of this very serious problem.

Seriously address climate change: Protection of natural resources and our community’s quality of life from the damaging effects of climate change is another issue of great concern to David. The damage to our forests and coasts due to the effect of climate change needs to be addressed immediately. To do this David supports programs to expand clean energy, recycling programs and expanding grant funds and tax credits for Mainers who elect to winterize and heat their homes with green and efficient building materials.  David will pursue a public/private partnership in forming a Green Bank that would leverage public funds into green investments and green jobs.

Why He’s Running.

David is running because he has the professional and leadership skills necessary to allow him to effectively represent the district and pursue policies that positively impact everyone in their daily life. 

As a professional advocate, he knows that “there are always two sides to the story.” He takes pride in his ability to listen to everyone’s stories and hardships to advocate for what is right.  He possesses the critical thinking skills necessary to allow him to be thoughtful about issues that are important to our communities and the rest of Maine.  His leadership skills will guide him in bringing people together to deal with Maine’s biggest problems.

David’s education was subsidized by Maine taxpayers.  That education allowed him to become a lawyer who has privileges and blessings that many others do not have.  With that in mind, David feels obligated to give back to his community.  He has an extensive record of sharing his leadership skills and experience with his community.  “Whether I am serving in government, on a professional board, or on the board of a local nonprofit, these leadership roles are a great way for me to give back to my community.”

He is excited and honored to be able to speak on behalf of others.  Especially for those who are unable to speak up for themselves.  He really enjoys helping people solve problems and would be honored to have the opportunity to represent this community in the Senate.

In David’s words:

“I grew up in Hancock County, mostly in Ellsworth.  We lived for a few years in Brooksville (Cape Rosier) then moved to Ellsworth.   Since my family fished out of Bar Harbor, I spent a lot of time there too. Because times were hard, I started working at age 11. I delivered newspapers.  I also raked blueberries during the summer to buy school clothes in September.  I did that each summer until one or two years into high school.  I then got out of the blueberry fields and worked in the blueberry processing factory.

Then as a first-generation college student, I had work-study jobs throughout college and on breaks worked as a painter, dishwasher, breakfast cook, and doing seal coating.  I had to work extremely hard to balance school and work as I finished my education and became who I am today, and that work ethic has stuck with me throughout my life.“

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